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What we can do for you?


Choose from a wide range of accommodations in Mykonos to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Transports & Transfer

Comfortable, safe and reliable transport solutions to move with confidence during your holiday in Mykonos.

Travel Planning

We offer our customers a personalized and impeccable travel experience.

Clubs & Restaurants

Direct access to the various facilities on the island, through our reservation service accompanied by quality assistance.

Tours & Fun

Lovers of nature, guided tours and water sports will have plenty to do.

Private Events

We organize tailor-made private events for our most demanding customers.

Live your next vacation without stress

Your time is precious, don’t waste it, trust us!

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What Concierge means?

The Concierge is the professional figure who assists you in every organizational aspect of your holiday: from accommodation, to planning your stay on site, being at your disposal for any request.

2. Why should I contact a concierge?

Contacting a Concierge means first and foremost having the opportunity to experience that place by making full use of what it has to offer.

Concierge is also a problem solver, supporting you in the management and resolution of any unforeseen events that may arise.

Contacting a Concierge means maximizing the time you have decided to take for yourself.

3. How does the service work?

Our service starts with personalized advice.

You will be contacted by our team who, through a video call or simple call, will learn about your needs/requests and will provide you with support in the field you need.

Why video-call or call?

We strongly believe that, first of all, the customer must feel a sense of trust in the person who will possibly assist him throughout the entire process; a trust that can only be established with a direct line between us and you. All this, among other things, also allows a direct understanding of the customer’s request and allows us to respond immediately, advancing our proposals.

Personalization passes precisely through a direct relationship with the customer.