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Travel Planning

“Done for you” allows you not to think at all about how to organize your vacation!

With travel planning we offer our customers a personalized and impeccable travel experience. Regardless of whether or not you have already booked your accommodation and/or transport, we guarantee you the planning that best suits your needs.

What does the service include?

Specifically, our “Travel Concierge service” includes detailed planning of your stay on the island:

  • Planning (day-to-day organization based on the facilities, beach clubs – restaurants – clubs, which we deem appropriate for you and for your days of stay)
  • Reservation service
  • On-site assistance

But that’s not all: our Concierge service also allows you to contact us for a single booking, for a single event that interests you or for a specific request (bachelorette/bachelor party, boat tour, DJ set, etc. etc. ).

In short, just ask and it will be given to you!

Benefits of our service

You will get benefits in terms of saving time and stress.

In addition to the detailed organization, you will still have our Concierges available for any changes in plans and/or sudden booking cancellations or simply for an on-site subsidy.

You will comfortably receive, on your smartphone or email, our planning with all the details, including:

  • date, place and time of the reservation
  • contact person of the structure
  • driving directions via link to “maps”
  • notes relating to the characteristics of the structure (e.g. paid or free parking)
  • practical advice from our concierges (e.g. sushi is highly recommended)

You will experience each structure not like any tourist.

A further benefit is the treatment that our guests will have, boasting, as previously mentioned, a consolidated relationship with reference properties and management.

In short, there are those who think and act for you and in the frenzy of modern times, it is something priceless!

Why book with us?

  • Organizing a holiday in very popular places in advance is the key to your relaxation.
  • Arriving unprepared/improvised means stress for you and for us.
  • Your time is precious, don’t waste it!

These concepts represent the “Leitmotiv” of our work and our philosophy.

Specifically with us:

Time saving

With our travel concierge service, you don’t have to worry about anything: from where to sleep to what to do, we’ll take care of it.

Our decennial experience on the island allows us to build, step by step, your stay without any kind of stress for you and your fellow travelers.

Personalized service

We strongly believe in the Anglo-Saxon concept “done for you“.

Each of us has a different concept/need to enjoy our vacation, on which we go to adapt. From the choice of accommodation, to transport and how to spend your moments in Mykonos, our offer will suit you perfectly.

Saving money

We have said that unpreparedness/improvisation translates into stress and most of the time into useless outflows of money.

Our proposals will allow you to know your actual expenses in advance and therefore arrive prepared and masters of your pockets.

Assistance and human relationship

We love to pamper and be present with our customers.

Unlike the “virtual concierge“, our team strongly believes in a human/trusting relationship with the customer; this is why your reference Concierge will be ready to welcome you upon your arrival and to provide you with any service/assistance you may ask for.

It will make sure, without ever invading your privacy, that everything is proceeding as planned and to intervene quickly if you request it.

But that’s not all: our concierges have a perfect command of languages and will be ready, if necessary, to assist you in communicating with the staff on site.

High-level experience

Thanks to the trust built up over time, today we are able to have a direct line with the top figures of the various structures.

All this translates into a privileged” treatment towards our customers and an on-site availability in case of unforeseen events; it allows us to book quickly and bypassing the common and annoying procedure that a common customer would face, waiting for times long responses and almost certain denials; it allows us to arrive at the most coveted reservation and often without any type of guarantee; it allows us to make changes in the pipeline for special customer requests.

But that’s not all: it also allows us to have that last minute booking for that sought-after event.

Contact us today, Mykonos is waiting for you