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Transports and Transfers

The most comfortable and safest way to move around Mykonos!

Comfortable, safe and reliable transport solutions to move with confidence during your holiday in Mykonos.





Car and scooter rental service

We offer a car and scooter rental service to help you explore the island on your own. Choose from a wide range of quality vehicles, suitable for every need and every budget, and enjoy the freedom to move around without time constraints and in the most unexplored places on the island.

At the explicit request of the customer, our “Rents”, among other things, will deliver the vehicle you have pre-chosen directly upon your arrival at the airport/port. This translates into time savings.

Luxury rentals

How to move around Mykonos?

Whether you need a luxury car, a boat, or a helicopter ride, we have just what you’re looking for.

Our team will help you choose the vehicle that best suits your needs and guide you through every step of the booking process.

Private transfers

If for any reason, you do not consider renting a vehicle the right choice for your holiday, the solution is our private transfer service.

Our drivers, equipped with high-quality vehicles, will be ready to pick you up at the point you requested to take you where you want (24-hour service).

You can plan both a single route, a full day and even the entire holiday.

Having the comfort of a private driver who allows you to think only of relaxing, without parking, traffic or driving problems, is often priceless.

For our customers who want an even more personalized transportation service, we offer private transfers to and from the airport and port of Mykonos. Our driver will welcome you upon your arrival and will drive you,comfortably and safely,to your destination.

Book now and enjoy your trip without worries

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a worry-free holiday in Mykonos. Book now our transport services and enjoy your trip in comfort and peace of mind, leaving us to take care of the rest.