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Unforgettable tours and unique adventures!

Mykonos is not only music and entertainment, but it is also something else. Lovers of nature, guided tours and water sports will have plenty to do.

Boat Tours

Guided Tours


Flying Experience

Customized tours for every need

The deep knowledge of the White Island allows us to offer you numerous services designed for you.
For lovers of history, nature, breathtaking experiences or simply to see “another Mykonos“, there are numerous offers that we propose.
Mykonos is so much more, let yourself be amazed.

Unique experiences

We don’t want to offer you simple tours, but unforgettable travel experiences.

Specifically, we offer guided tours, boat trips to other islands, culinary itineraries or simply a personal shopper who will take you to discover the most hidden boutiques.

If you are a lover of a luxury experience, do not miss a helicopter tour, admiring the beauty of Mykonos from above.

And for the more sporty?

We also cater for them with jet skis, motorboats or something else.

In short, ask and you will be satisfied.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to have unique and unforgettable experiences during your vacation in Mykonos. Contact us to find out more!